Winding Down

Just a note to be aware of; the quality of callers over the past few years has decreased significantly, and I am having none of that shit. It has come to the point where I refuse to talk to 99.99% of the people who now call me. Sadly this is due to one of two things; lack of respect for women and/or the refusal to read the fucking ads I put up for you so that you guys know what I am willing to discuss.

I will be winding down my phone session availability until I am no longer available for phone sessions without you having a) previously established something by phone and b) made an appointment with a deposit.

If you have not yet established phone contact, I suggest you do so ASAP. Once I turn off the phones to the general public, I will also not be engaging with you all as I used to. Those of you who have not established phone contact will be limited to buying the media I release without interaction from me.

I will begin winding down January 1, 2018 so get in here and establish yourself now before you lose out forever.

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