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Haha no picture!

If you follow both of my blogs and Twitter feeds, you will likely have noticed my mention of doing things differently. BDSM has changed dramatically from when I first started back in the days when the sun was first lit. Well, more accurately, the nature of the males who purport themselves to be submissive have changed. Thus, I must make changes in the way things are done since rudeness, entitlement, and ignorance run amok amongst my new callers as of late.

I have always known that most guys are borderline retarded, but it has seemingly become a pandemic lately. Thus, the way I handle callers and fans will be very different from now on. As a result, certain changes will be made to my websites, listings, etc. Do look out for those in the near future.

The only sex you will have from now on

cock sucking faggot slave submissive

He is only allowed to suck cock because he has paid me for permission to do so.

What I want comes first. Only then will I see fit to perhaps let you indulge your kinks.

Caged Hannibal

Hardcore humiliatrix Mistress Rage bondage cage slave

You could be here, but you’re not. Slavery gets you in the door. Call me to inquire about becoming owned.

All of this…

Mistress Rage CFNM boot fetish

When I say that I will put my foot in your ass, I mean it!

Be Jealous

Mistress Rage's BDSM fetish humiliation dungeon

This is where I am tonight, my lovely dungeon. What have you done to get closer to being here, slave?


bondage slave worships the Mistress

This picture represents perfection in that it represents exactly my philosophies of D/s.
Notice how the slave bows before me, bound and hooded!
All of the elements of real slavery and humiliation are there.
This is the picture I want you to make your favorite, it shall be motivation to you.