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Birthday Time!

long nails dildo birthday Ragemas fetish

It is that time, your biggest slave holiday of the year! If you don’t know that September 9 is my birthday, do add it to your yearly calendar! For those of you who aren’t already part of the Mistress Rage Empire, the time from September 1 until September 10 is a holiday season (Ragemas LOL). It is a time of indulgence, celebration, and letting loose. Think Mardi Gras in September!

Some presents have already started rolling in (thank you). My gift list is up on my gifts page, but this year cash is absolutely where it’s at if you want to make a maximum impression. Amazon gift certificates are also always welcome.

If you would like to complete a special birthday assignment for me after sending me a birthday gift, do contact me and I will give you something fun to do that celebrates this season of decadence.

If you wish to say (or better yet sing) Happy Birthday to me live, do click the button below to call my phone line!

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