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‘Bout fucking time!

Mistress Rage Femdom Findom Humiliatrix slave training

Yeah yeah, I’ve been busy and that means you fuckers don’t get blogs. Boo hoo. Guess you’re just gonna have to call and tribute to have some awesome words of Rageness.

But now finals are over (straight A’s again and I didn’t even try this time), and I have some spare time before my cross country travels. Sooooooo, you get stuff (YAY).

Here are the updates:

1) Phone sessions are at $2.99 per minute. Apparently I forgot to change that on one part of my site but not the other. $2.99 is the correct permanent price now.

2) Videos have arrived!!!!! You will now see a fetish videos section as well as a training videos section. These will be for sale. Fetish vids are self-explanatory (no requests or customs), but the training vids are just that. It is part of my Real Slave training program for those of you who wish to one day be owned by a Dominant Woman or for those of you who just want to be less of a pig when dealing with FemDoms. My training program comes with a completion certificate (for those who request one) as proof that you have received training by me. Congratulations, you will now be a more marketable slave.

3) Downloadable audio files have been available on my MAIN Niteflirt account, but I forgot to list them here. I have one up, but I have several more to add this week.  Taa daa. You’re welcome, now go buy some.

4) I am traveling the US on a road trip from NY to California. Money slaves can meet with me along the way for shopping and cash point meets. I am nearly done scheduling everyone (deposit is required) so get with me in the next three days if you want to set up a service meeting.

5) New videos (fetish and training) will be released in the next few days. Keep a lookout. HINT: subscribe to my blog over there on the right side of the page. New blogs will be sent to your email and you will know whenever some new material is released. Disclosure: I never share, spam, or sell blog subscription email addresses EVER.

Winding Down

Just a note to be aware of; the quality of callers over the past few years has decreased significantly, and I am having none of that shit. It has come to the point where I refuse to talk to 99.99% of the people who now call me. Sadly this is due to one of two things; lack of respect for women and/or the refusal to read the fucking ads I put up for you so that you guys know what I am willing to discuss.

I will be winding down my phone session availability until I am no longer available for phone sessions without you having a) previously established something by phone and b) made an appointment with a deposit.

If you have not yet established phone contact, I suggest you do so ASAP. Once I turn off the phones to the general public, I will also not be engaging with you all as I used to. Those of you who have not established phone contact will be limited to buying the media I release without interaction from me.

I will begin winding down January 1, 2018 so get in here and establish yourself now before you lose out forever.