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Real Slave Training #1

slave training dominatrix findom fetish


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Sissy Slut Training – Part 2

sissy slut public humiliation slave training

TOPIC: Your sissy image and toys- where to find them and how to pick the right items to look like a real sissy slut
LENGTH: 8 minutes

Sissy Face Step

face stepping squishing fetish

I put some foam boobs on this dude who loved to be made to crossdress for me. Then I stepped on his face and laughed as his skin mushed out from under my leather high heel. I love foot fetish humiliation!

You are a sissy

bearded sissy crossdress linger

Look at this dude in all of his bearded sissy glory.
Call me for sissy photo assignments that will be featured here on my blog.


gag bondage flasher sissy humiliation XD

This is how you do sissy right lol.

Sissification done correctly

Notice the lingerie that is very feminine and sissy-like, yet not at all offensive? Strive to be like that! Don’t be a disgusting man-pig who plays at a little crossdressing fetish, be a full sissy who submits fully to his Mistress!