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Fag Training – Part 5

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TOPIC: It’s time to make a move and meet some gay guys.
LENGTH: 5 minutes

Fag Training – Part 4

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Topic: Training you to get horny over real-life hot gay guys
Length: 5 minutes
Price: $5
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Sissy Slut Training – Part 1

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TOPIC: Becoming a sissy slut; what it is, name, image, voice, homework.
LENGTH: 6 minutes

Guided Fag Training – Part 3

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TOPIC: Recording integrating the first two fag training recordings with some new super-gay skills. Bring your dildo!
LENGTH: 9 inches minutes

Fag Training – Part 2

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TOPIC: Time to get your lube out!
LENGTH: 5 minutes

Gay Conditioning

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5 minutes
Light hypnosis and gay conditioning.

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Guided Fag Training – Part 1

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TOPIC: Learn to suck cock properly.
LENGTH: 5 minutes

The only sex you will have from now on

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He is only allowed to suck cock because he has paid me for permission to do so.

What I want comes first. Only then will I see fit to perhaps let you indulge your kinks.

Bikini Clad Cocksucker

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Chris Arey is out about his cross dressing and desire to gobble the cock.
Are you a sissy cross dresser dick loving homo wannabe like Chris Arey?

Check out my downloadable gay training and sissy training MP3s.


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Hey homos- get your dildos ready before you call. See the slave in the picture? I want you cocksuckers to do this for me, but be ready because I am going to make sure that the strapon is going to be MUCH deeper in your throat!