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Winding Down

Just a note to be aware of; the quality of callers over the past few years has decreased significantly, and I am having none of that shit. It has come to the point where I refuse to talk to 99.99% of the people who now call me. Sadly this is due to one of two things; lack of respect for women and/or the refusal to read the fucking ads I put up for you so that you guys know what I am willing to discuss.

I will be winding down my phone session availability until I am no longer available for phone sessions without you having a) previously established something by phone and b) made an appointment with a deposit.

If you have not yet established phone contact, I suggest you do so ASAP. Once I turn off the phones to the general public, I will also not be engaging with you all as I used to. Those of you who have not established phone contact will be limited to buying the media I release without interaction from me.

I will begin winding down January 1, 2018 so get in here and establish yourself now before you lose out forever.

Haha no picture!

If you follow both of my blogs and Twitter feeds, you will likely have noticed my mention of doing things differently. BDSM has changed dramatically from when I first started back in the days when the sun was first lit. Well, more accurately, the nature of the males who purport themselves to be submissive have changed. Thus, I must make changes in the way things are done since rudeness, entitlement, and ignorance run amok amongst my new callers as of late.

I have always known that most guys are borderline retarded, but it has seemingly become a pandemic lately. Thus, the way I handle callers and fans will be very different from now on. As a result, certain changes will be made to my websites, listings, etc. Do look out for those in the near future.

The only sex you will have from now on

cock sucking faggot slave submissive

He is only allowed to suck cock because he has paid me for permission to do so.

What I want comes first. Only then will I see fit to perhaps let you indulge your kinks.

Caged Hannibal

Hardcore humiliatrix Mistress Rage bondage cage slave

You could be here, but you’re not. Slavery gets you in the door. Call me to inquire about becoming owned.


enema fetish

If you follow me online or via my other blog, you already know I have a cold and it’s fucking with my voice. I miss humiliating you all, the dude at the grocery store just doesn’t take it as well as you all do LOL. I will be back and going strong in a few days. In the meantime, get yourself all worked up by enjoying the photo.


cigar smoking gloves femdom fetish

I am going to snuff this out on your stupid dick.

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You eat boogers

humiliatrix humiliates fetish slaves and masochists

Maybe next time I will put a booger on the end of that nail and laugh as I make you eat it.


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That look…

cigar smoking fetish humiliatrix exhale human ashtray

What am I going to do to you?

Anything I want to pig-man.

Birthday Time!

long nails dildo birthday Ragemas fetish

It is that time, your biggest slave holiday of the year! If you don’t know that September 9 is my birthday, do add it to your yearly calendar! For those of you who aren’t already part of the Mistress Rage Empire, the time from September 1 until September 10 is a holiday season (Ragemas LOL). It is a time of indulgence, celebration, and letting loose. Think Mardi Gras in September!

Some presents have already started rolling in (thank you). My gift list is up on my gifts page, but this year cash is absolutely where it’s at if you want to make a maximum impression. Amazon gift certificates are also always welcome.

If you would like to complete a special birthday assignment for me after sending me a birthday gift, do contact me and I will give you something fun to do that celebrates this season of decadence.

If you wish to say (or better yet sing) Happy Birthday to me live, do click the button below to call my phone line!

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FinDom money slave paypig financial domination

Financial Domination aka FinDom – your work is my luxury.

Make yourself useful; submit your earnings to me and become my money slave.